That's it everyone!

As the owners of Ravekläder, we want to thank everyone who has ever shopped with us, or even just taken their time to visit our shop.
We were launched in late 2018 and quickly made our ways into the hearts and minds of ravers across all of Sweden. We quickly realized that we wanted to keep spreading our love for raving and our high quality brand across Europe. Then came Co-Vid 19...

Without any festivals or parties to attend, we, just like many of you went into the good old "Post-Rave Depression" and had to put the store on pause. Since then, it's been a struggle trying to find our way back and even though we felt that this time around, we had it right, it eventually had to turn into this, the permanent closing of

Even though our hearts are heavy, we want to extend our gratitude and thanks to everyone who has worked with us. DJs, producers, party organizers, podcasts and even rave magazines.

But maybe, the most special of them all is still Cosmo Crew, our closest little circles that kept motivating us, inspiring us with new, great ideas. We will never ever forget what you have done for us during this journey.

Lastly, we want to simply express my love for the rave scene, for all of those who embraced us with an open mind and took a risk in investing in our product before you had even seen it. We hope that even though we are closed now, that we will still see Cosmo's face with that peculiar semi-smile on ravers all over Europe. But most importantly, that we will get to dance with all of you soon again.

Thank you
Maximilian and Fanny

Thank You

Cosmo Crew